Hire Wedding Shehnai players in Delhi

Shehnai is aerophonic musical instrument associated with Indian heritage. This belongs to the Indian classical music which is the root music of our county. This music is considered very auspicious for wedding ceremonies. It music enlightens the whole celebration in a classical way. Shehnai is entertaining from that era when there were limited sources of music.

Our shehnai players knows both classical and semi classical music. They play music according to the auspicious day as its wedding, birthday or any other ceremony.  We have also considered for live concerts and big fat weddings. Nowadays, trends are changing except DJ people prefer to have traditional music and shehnai is best way to enhance it.

This music is not restricted to any region of India. However, it is considered to be a heart of north Indian wedding music. Our Shehnai players in Delhi are invited and commutable to any part of our country. We can customize the music according to the region, which can associate people with their folk music. It is considered to be related with south India as “Managal Vadyas”.

Our shehnai team consists of every age group and from different regions because of that our music is not monotonous. We have prominent and popular Shehnai players in Delhi. We are doing some social program for old age people and orphanage kids to make them feel special and associate them with our culture.

We can do fusion with different Bollywood music or with a variety of instruments like Sitar, Guitar, and Harmonium etc. Fusion music is the upcoming trend of this generation for which our young players are associated with.

We also have our own customized playlist which we provide for reference and Youtube videos. If you like our music does contact us.

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