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Ustad Bismillah Khan once said, “Even if the world ends, the music will still survive”. He was right in pointing out the exuberance and the royalty associated with the Shehnai. Bowing down to such legends, Jagdish Prakash & Sons brings you a one of a kind experience. We present the most professional and experienced shehnai players in Delhi who will make you stand up and applaud. The shehnai is an age old instrument, which has been played in weddings all over India and to please God in temples. The shehnai has eight holes but it is common to find some of the holes partially or completely occluded with wax.  The sound of the shehnai is considered particularly auspicious, and many good-hearted events start with the playing of this instrument.

Shehnai player in delhi

Emotions will run high and guests will be looking in awe of the performance of our artists. Our Shehnai players come in a group of 4-5 complete with Tabla, Dholak and other instruments. They wear traditional attire appropriate for the event. Along with a white suit, they prefer a red turban. If you have any special requests, please let us know and we will arrange for the same.  They focus on semi-classical forms like thumri, chaiti, kajri and hori, great for all kinds of events but can play other types as well based on the requirement.

Shehnai player in delhi

Depending on the mood and interest of the audience, our shehnai players can adapt to play the music they want to hear. If you have any particular favourite, please let us know and we will arrange it for you. Jagdish Prakash & Sons is a company which focusses on customer satisfaction. Our clients are based all over India. Most of them are actually repeat clients who have had a great time at our concerts and recommend us to friends and family. Our artists have performed abroad as well, in Dubai, London, Germany, Sweden, Russia, France and other countries. If you are looking for Shehnai Players in Delhi, we are by far your best choice.

We provide an array of performers for different events all over the country. Our performers are top notch and focus the crowd’s attention on them. We allow you to choose the artist that you prefer. Visit our YouTube channel – to take a look at our various performances. We hope you have an outstanding evening with us!

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