The wedding twist

Marriage is a big step, more than that it’s a whole new adventure for both the bride and the groom. In India, marriage is a sacred relationship, which has its own highs and lows. Weddings in India are a different affair altogether.

Weddings are all about dressing up, good food, photographs, fancy decor, wedding entertainment, sparkly makeup, wedding safa, gifts and blessings. Every religion, culture and region have their own unique list of wedding ceremonies. However this difference doesn’t make your wedding different. It has the same meaning, the same appearance and the same experience for all your loved ones who attend your wedding.

It is known for a fact that every man and woman, has for at least once, thought about his or her dream wedding, so why not make this dream real? For each person, wedding is a different experience, challenge and adventure then why not make the whole wedding function something new, something different.

Add your personality to your wedding. Given below are some ideas to make your wedding stand out in the eyes of each and everyone present:

  • Write your own vows: Indian weddings are all on our sacred vows for seven lifetimes but the toughest one is this lifetime. Your love could be much different from the kind that is described in the holy books. Your vows, expectations and beliefs could be poles apart from the regular ones. Then, why not add a tinge of self-expression to your own wedding. Both, the bride and the groom can write their own seven vows, which they believe in and say those out loud during “phere”.
  • Kaleera aisle: Decor is one of the major concerns of anyone involved in a wedding. This one would make it more auspicious. The whole route to be followed by the guests and bride to the stage could be covered with handing kaleeras. Kaleeras symbolise new beginnings and their rhythm are for luck, which makes it the most perfect decor part of your wedding.
  • Feast the little ones: They say marriage is a turning point in any and everybody’s life. Make sure this one is full of blessings. Everybody calls the guests who they probably haven’t even met ever. This is your chance to make your big fat wedding a special one. Call in children from orphanages for a grand feast at your wedding and avail the chance of being the most blessed.
  • Family wall: It is believed that marriage is not just about the bride and the groom, but about the two families. Wedding marks the beginning of the growing relationship between the two families. This is your chance to show your love and your family to the world. Create a wall that has pictures of the members of both the families. Bride and groom’s photographs of all ages can be put up too. Display your bond.
  • Aisle on fire: Every girl awaits for that moment when she will walk down the aisle along with her brothers to the groom. That feeling is much like the fire crackers, therefore as the bride walks the aisle, all the guests can hold lighted crackers ( specifically ‘fuljhadis’) in their hands and bring all the light in the darkness of the night.

Every wedding is special, then why not make it memorable for everyone!


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